About the Badass (and friends)

Hi there. My name is Victor. I was born in the Ozarks and grew up five miles from the nearest paved road, in a house my great-great-grandfather built when he homesteaded the land. For the first 15 years of my life, I spent all my time in the forest, hunting, fishing, camping, and generally living like a semi-domesticated animal. My family kept a vegetable garden, cows and chickens. Every summer, we kids picked strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries for my grandmother to preserve. We worked in the vegetable gardens, hoeing and harvesting. In the autumn, we gathered apples from the orchard and walnuts from the forest. I cut and split firewood with my uncles. We stocked the root cellar for the winter. When the trees were bare and snow fell, we often spent weeks without electricity, phones, or running water.

My father and three of my four uncles are veterans of combat in Vietnam (and a few dirty wars in hot places with funny names). They taught me to pay attention to the world around me, how to shoot a gun, and set examples I strive to live up to every day.

We were dirt-poor, but never went hungry. I never wanted for any necessity.

In my late teens, I moved to the big city. For twenty years I’ve lived in a variety of big cities, most recently Fort Lauderdale.

Because of my childhood experiences, I never relied fully on urban infrastructure. When heavy snows shut down the North Carolina city’s streets and power grid, all my friends knew to come to my place for food. When a late-season hurricane paralyzed Fort Lauderdale, relatives stayed with me because they hadn’t made their own preparations.

I also spent a couple of years managing a retail store that sold outdoor and survival gear. I made sure to test EVERY item we sold personally. (The flare guns were the most fun.)

Im the guy in the office people ask for a band-aid when they cut themselves. For rope when they need to tie something to the roof of their car. For a jack and tire iron when they have a flat. For advice when going to buy their first gun.

I started this website as an alternative to the cottage industry of fear-mongering and apocalyptic fantasy that characterizes virtually every prepper resource online.

Thanks for reading! If you want to get in touch, send me a note through the contact form.

About Meyer the Gat

Meyer, the only son of a wealthy Jewish family, grew up in Boston. He began studying firearms at an early age and purchased his first handgun on his 21st birthday.

When asked by his anti-gun friends and family why he maintains a collection of 50+ firearms, he says, “Just Google Jew watch.” His unstated goal is to arm all willing sons of Abraham to prevent the next holocaust.


Victor would like to add that Meyer accompanied him to his first gun show in South Florida, and guided him through his first handgun purchase. Thanks, Meyer!

About Mrs. Badass

I’m a trial lawyer in Fort Lauderdale. I grew up in a middle-class, urban family in Boca. Although we always kept a stash of canned food, bottled water, and batteries handy in case of a hurricane, we always took civil services for granted.

It wasn’t until Hurricane Wilma that I really started taking prepping seriously. Trees were down across the city. Electricity was out all over. I could see the stars at night for the first time I could remember. Thanks to my husband’s paranoid tendencies, we had a lot more supplies saved up than most people. I’ll never forget the morning after the storm. I saw our neighbors scooping pitchers of water out of the community pool. Less than six hours into the crisis, they were already out of water!

Victor took me on a walk around the neighborhood to survey the damage. The whole time, he picked up sticks. I didn’t know what he was doing until we got back to our apartment and he built a campfire in our Smoky Joe and brewed up a pot of coffee. In short, he got me through the disaster. He stayed perfectly calm and knew exactly what to do, no matter what.

After that, I stopped resisting his insistence on planning for disasters.

I’m happy to help out from time to time with this site. Most of the prepper sites out there are run by Fox News-watching, UN-fearing Neanderthals. Its hard to take advice from people like that.