Bugout Badass gives you all the information you need to prepare yourself and your family to survive a disaster.

Listen: no one wants to drop everything, flee their home, and live out of a backpack for days at a time (well, except for a few psychos — we’ll deal with them later). Here’s the thing — you WILL face a disaster in your lifetime. It might be a natural disaster, like a wildfire threatening your town, or a hurricane plodding its way across the Atlantic right at your neighborhood, or an earthquake that disrupts utilities for weeks.

Perhaps a manmade crisis: a riot? A terrorist attack that locks down the city?

Here at Bugout Badass, we encourage you to acknowledge that the unexpected WILL happen — and to make common-sense preparations that will see you and your loved ones through a crisis.

We don’t believe ignoring problems makes them go away. We believe that disaster preparation is YOUR responsibility.

Bugout Badass is a drama-free zone

We don’t have time for prepper porn, apocalyptic fantasies of cleansing the world of (insert-disliked-race-or-political-group-here), or what Marc MacYoung calls “what-if monkeys.” If you want to indulge aspirations of saving a cowering, powerless squad of Swedish bikini girls by pumping belts of ammo at attacking motorcycle ninja gangbangers, go away.

We have one goal: to give you the information you need to make common-sense preparations for likely emergencies.

Ready? Let’s get started.